How Many Times Can I Have Sex in 1 Week By Brothels

The frequency of sex is a major concern for many partners in long-term relationships. Even nevada brothels that may want to engage in casual encounters may be concerned about it. While it might sound rhetoric to some, this is an important question that you must answer appropriately to ensure a happy and fulfilling relationship. Sex therapists argue that sex accounts for about a quarter of the overall happiness of partners in a relationship.

Today, studies have revealed diverse views on how much sex contributes to satisfaction in relationships. In order to determine how much sex you should have in one week, it is imperative that you understand the views expressed by researchers. Here are some of the views expressed by different couples, health experts, and researchers in relation to the frequency of sex.

Many Couples have Less Sex Today

A 2017 study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior says that Americans are having less sex compared to a decade ago. It indicated that the rate is even lower among married couples that are living together, who had 16 times less sex in a year. Another study by a psychology professor at San Diego State University accents this conclusion. It cited that the average adult engages in 54 sexual encounters a year. This translates to just a little more than once weekly.

While married couples that live together are usually more sexually active, the professor’s study shows that they have sex just about 51 times in a year. This steep curve is mainly attributed to the more time that modern couples spend working and parenting. What’s more, couples have easy accessibility to entertainment platforms like online media streaming services. This has given couples a variety of options when it comes to spending their leisure time at home, thereby shelving sex.

Another study by a Canadian assistant professor in psychology, researchers established that having sex once a week is optimal for partners that want to maximize happiness. It established that more sex creates a feeling of greater satisfaction in a relationship. This results to better well being among couples. The study goes ahead to state that although having sex more than once a week is not bad, it can level off the benefits. To some couples, instructing them to have more sex might seem like a duty.

More Sex is Good for You

A healthy sex life is a critical aspect of fulfillment in a relationship, and couples are encouraged to have it as much as they can without feeling forced into it. If you and your partner are happy with the amount of sex you are having, keep it up! However, you should keep in mind the fact that to have better sex frequently, both partners need proper physical and mental state.

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